Best Cider Donuts in Town - Weekends and Columbus Day Only


Dave's Fresh Cider Donuts

Delicious cider donuts packed with real apples and fresh apple cider.  Hand-cut and made fresh daily, these are the best cider donuts around.  Don't take our word for it, do your own side by side taste test with cider donuts from any other local pumpkin farm.  We did, and we were amazed.  You can try it too, see the limited time offer below.

Special Limited-Time Offer

Bring us your receipt from cider donuts purchased from Tom's on the same day, and then buy a package of our cider donuts.  Try them both, and if you don't agree that ours are so much better, we will take 10% off  of your total purchase that day, up to $40 purchase.  In fact, even if you do agree, we will still give you the same discount!  You can't lose, but you will switch to Dave's cider donuts for sure!  Limited time offer, weekends only, while supplies last, Dave's Pumpkins reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time without notice.  But we probably won't because this is so much fun, and these are really great donuts.